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Cost was $830ish Bathing Suits, inclusive of fees, for a two room suite Thursday to Monday. We LOVED having the second bathroom, and everything we could have needed was in the hotel. Restaurants were good, there was a “general store” type place, and it was really quiet which was great for sleeping during the day.

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cheap swimwear We could have had some very cool stories where Mike worked at the investment company and Harvey was the lawyer and together they took down companies which Mike viewed as or threatened the law firm. It also would have been cool cheap bikinis, because it changes their professional dynamic, where Mike no longer directly works for Harvey, but rather that Mike is now Harvey client.But no, instead Mike goes back to the law firm and we stuck with the same regurgitated story line: A) Law firm under threat of being taken over B) The threat of Mike being found out to be a fraud. They literally have 5 seasons of that plot with different characters and the way they came at at.If Mike gets out and somehow starts working at the firm again, then they just going to start doing the same story again, except this time it be even more boring, because Mike has already been found out, so all we have left is the Firm being under attack.I would have personally prefer that Mike stay in jail cheap swimwear.